Royal Ballet of Cambodia

If there is something we like at Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa that is Asian traditions. Today we go from our luxury hotel in Alicante to the world of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.

The Royal Ballet of Cambodia, also known as Khmer Classical Dance, is a form of performing arts established in Angkor´s ancient royal courts. It is the dominant genre of dance theatre in Cambodia that features the classical dance style and Thai dance theatre.

It was exclusively developed at the royal courts for the purpose of entertainment for centuries. During French Colonial Era, royal wives, concubines, family and royal guests performed it.

Currently, it is performed during public ceremonies in Cambodia and also around the world to show people the history of Cambodia. Its repertoire includes good, evil and love performances, and traditional Cambodian stories and epic poems.

Every performance stands out for the style and delicateness of the dancers. Hand gestures are very important in Khmer Classical Dance. They are called kbach and evoke the gamut of different human emotions, from fear and rage to joy and love. They are used in numerous combinations, accompanied by legs and feet moving to transmit different ideas and concepts.

At the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, female dancers perform most roles, but other roles such as hermits and animals such as horses and mythical lions are played by men.

A pinpeat orchestra and a female chorus accompany the dance. This orchestra includes instruments such as xylophones, drums, gongs and different woodwind instruments.

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