Saho: Japanese beauty ritual

Today at Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are dolling ourselves up to talk about Japanese makeup and the beauty ritual Japanese women follow to get such a perfect skin. What is their secret? This is the skin care ritual Saho.

The beauty ritual Saho is very common between Japanese women. It is inspired on the Japanese tea ceremony and it is based on the hypothesis of twice sanitisation, twice moisturising and twice application.

The first step is twice cleansing. In order to completely purify the skin of all makeup and impurities, the skin is cleaned twice. First we would use a product to clean off oily impurities, followed by using a soap to remove dead skin cells and dirt. This process acts like an exfoliation.

After purifying the skin, we continue with the twice moisturising. First we would use a moisturising lotion. This lotion hydrates the skin and gets it ready for the treatment. The next step is moisturising again the skin with an emulsion or a cream. This ritual holds these creams nourish and revitalise the skin.

The last step is twice application. This is the way we apply the products on the skin. The first application would be massaging in circular action to facilitate dispersion, in favor of enhancing the effect of lotion and emulsion. Twice application would be pressing to ensure complete absorption of the product.

Besides following this beauty ritual, Japanese women also maintain a healthy balanced diet, don´t expose themselves to the sun and practice moderate exercise.

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