Classical Chinese Dance

If there is something we are truly fascinated about Asia that will be its culture. That´s why we are taking you from the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa to China to find out more about the amazing classical Chinese dance.

Classical Chinese dance is along with ballet one of the most complete dances. It is a very tough, expressive and refined type of dance. Although it is relatively new for the rest of the world, this classical dance has a long history of thousands of years.

Classical Chinese dance has a very methodical and tough training system. It includes three main parts: technical skill, “form” and “bearing”. “Form” represents the dance combinations and traditional Chinese movements. And “bearing” or yun is the technique for expressing specific inner feelings; it shows the dancer´s personality.

It has many movements meant to express all kinds of feelings such as happiness, sadness or madness among others. Most movements and techniques of Classical Chinese dance come from marcial arts. The most common movements are gyratory, sloping and circular ones: jumps, spins, splits and other aerial techniques.

Classical Chinese dancer’s appearance is usually very slender and thin and they also have a spectacular flexibility and muscle control.

After the famous Chinese economic reform in 1978, several disciplines such as classical and contemporary ballet and especially athletics were highly inspired by the techniques an movements of classical Chinese dance.

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