Gardens by the Bay

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are talking about beauty and nature. We are taking you from our lush gardens to others that you will love: Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay is one of the main tourist attractions in Singapore. Opened on 29 June 2012, they are one of the most fascinating gardens in the world.

It is a park spanning over 100 hectares of land. It is a must see visit for all nature lovers. Gardens by the Bay is split up into three big areas: Bay Central Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay South Garden. At this garden, which is the most famous and the largest garden, you can find the massive Supertrees, which are the main attraction of the park. The tallest supertree is 50 metres high.

Gardens by the Bay has several outstanding zones. Some of the most important areas of the park are the two huge conservatories: Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. The Cloud Forest, enveloped in fog, holds the Secret Garden; while at the Flower Dome we can find tons of colour flowers distributed through different theme gardens. Between both conservatories, there are 220,000 plants from all over the world.

Gardens by the Bay is also an important green project. Its trees are capable of collecting the rainwater and accumulating energy thanks to photovoltaic cells. When the night comes, its own illumination depends on this accumulated energy. By this time of the day, everybody at the park can see an authentic performance of lights and sounds.

At the 5 stars resort Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we also have spectacular tropical gardens. If you visit us, we suggest you our Botanical Tour, through which you will be able to know all the details about a collection of over 300 tropical species.