Japanese hot springs

At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, we pamper your health and beauty. That´s why today we want to tell you about Japanese natural hot springs.

Japanese hot springs are known as onsen. Due to the mineral salts of their thermal waters, they have beneficial properties for skin care, beauty care and health care.

Onsen are famous all over the country, there are over 2,000 onsens in Japan. Visiting them is a ritual for Japanese people. They consider it a purification of their body and spirit. Water up to 40 ºC helps remove toxins. Besides, flowers perfumed sachets are added to the hot water to increase relaxation.

There are different types of onsen. We can find outdoor or indoor baths and public and privates ones. They have two rooms: the sink and the bathroom, where we can find the ofuro or traditional Japanese bath.

The main function of onsen is relaxing, a ritual to pamper the body and rest the mind. Many Japanese people visit onsen to relax the muscles, stimulate blood circulation and purify themselves. Through this bath, people achieve a perfect mental phase for thinking and meditating.

Some of the main onsen are Dogo Onsen, one of the most ancient onsen in Japan, Hondani Onsen and Minara Onsen.

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