Thai gastronomy

At the restaurants of the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, we are looking forward to satisfy the most demanding palates. That is why today we are travelling to Thailand to know all the details about Thai gastronomy.

Thai cuisine is one of the most varied and tasty of the entire Asian continent. Its recipes include meat, vegetables and soups, with sweet, sour, bitter and salty flavours, mixed with spicy peppers and herbs.

Today in this post we bring you some of the main Thai dishes:

Pad Thai. It is one of the most popular and international Thai recipes. They are simple stir-fried rice noodles with soy sauce, tofu, egg and peanuts.

Nam Tok. Also known as Nuea Yang Nam Tok, it is a traditional Thai meat dish. It is served either with soup or salad.

Tom Kha Gai. It is one of the most famous Thai recipes. This is a silky and aromatic chicken coconut soup with lemongrass.

Tom Yum Kung. This sour shrimp soup is the most popular of Thai soups. Some recipes include coconut milk.

Gaeng kiew wan. Green curry with chicken. This recipe may change but some ingredients are always included: coconut milk, lime leaves, galanga and onion, mixed with meat and fish.

Som Tam. It is known as green papaya salad and it is the most famous Thai salad. Its main ingredient is papaya, mixed with chilli, garlic, tomato and fish sauce.

Panaeng Mu. Panang curry with pork is one of the most famous Thai curry recipes. Its main ingredient is the Panaeng curry pastry. This dish also includes coconut milk witch brings up a very creamy sauce.

Curry Massaman. It is another popular variety of Thai curry. It can be cooked with pork, lamb, duck, chicken or beef meat. It is served with white rice.

Pad See Ew. These are fried rice noodles with chicken and vegetables. All the ingredients are mixed with a thick soy sauce.

Kluay Buat Chi. It is one of the most traditional Thai desserts. It is a combination of light coconut milk and bananas.

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