Asian natural remedies

At our Temple or Relaxation we look after your health and comfort. We offer our guests a wide range of Thai rituals. Today from the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia we immerse ourselves into the Asian continent to find out more about its main natural remedies.

Most Asian countries, mainly China, believe in traditional and natural medicine when it comes to health disorders. Which are some of the most ancient and effective remedies? Keep reading…

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most advanced one in natural remedies. The most popular one is ginseng. China considers this plant tones the chi or vital energy, helping people recovering for any type of diseases such as stress, depression or fatigue.

The most famous natural remedy in Indonesia is pineapple, which is used as an anti-inflammatory fruit. However, it is used to battle almost any type of illness. Due to its high amount of bromelain, pineapple helps relieve stomach pain and digest food proteins.

Cinnamon is the most famous traditional remedy India, which is popular for its medicinal and aromatic benefits since antiquity. Cinnamon infusion helps keep blood sugar levels balanced and regularise digestion.

Soya bean is the most popular natural remedy in Japan. It is used as natural oestrogens among Japanese women. It prevents gynaecological disorders and complications during menopause. And men use soya bean to prevent cardiovascular disorders.

Tea is the medicinal drink par excellence for Taiwanese people. Besides its energized and antioxidant properties, tealeaves contain tannins, which are good for different types of diseases such as burns or caries. Additionally, women used tea on their hairs to strengthen it and for relieve their skins after a long day under the sun.

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