¿Have you ever practiced Acroyoga? Now you can at the luxury hotel Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. Do you want to know what is it about? Keep reading…

Acroyoga is a type of yoga that is currently gaining relevance. Acroyoga is a mix of yoga poses which are combined with acrobatics, artistic expressions and couple work.

One of the main differences between traditional yoga and Acroyoga is that this last one works with a much faster rhythm.

It is performed in pairs or trios; everyone has a specific role: a base, the partner who is actively supporting the flyer with his legs; the flyer is the partner who is elevated and does yoga poses up in the air. When a third person is involved, this one is the spotter, who is in charge of making sure that the movements of the other two partners are safe.

Acroyoga has many physical benefits such as: improving physical strength, elasticity, body shape and balance, among others.

But if there is something remarkable about Acroyoga that would be the psychological benefits it has as well as the spiritual bond it creates between the two partners. The main purpose of this discipline is building confidence between the two people performing it.

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