Balinese massage

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we suggest you the perfect plan to kick off the year: a relaxing Balinese massage at our Thai Spa. Have you heard about it? Keep reading!

Balinese massage is a traditional Indonesian massage, as it name says, it comes from Bali. It has been practiced for centuries and it has several versions depending on the place. It uses a combination of different Asian techniques; it joins Indian ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine.

There is a Balinese tradition that says that the goddess Lakshmi, was the one who transmitted Balinese people the initial knowledge and the techniques about Balinese massage.

Balinese massage combines different techniques, which let harmonize the body and the spirit. It is very effective, achieving important relaxing, therapeutic and healing effects.

It is performed with natural oils, such as jasmine, sage and spearmint oil, whose smell has a calming effect. There are two types of Balinese massage: the one that is performed with the forearms on a massage couch, and a foot massage that is performed on a futon.

If you visit on 2017 our resort Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, don´t hesitate to book our Balinese massage. You will enjoy a unique wellness experience.