Thai desserts

At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are ready to welcome the Three Wise Men and if there is something we like about this day is the traditional Epiphany cake. Talking about sweetness…What about a look around Thailand’s traditional pastry?

Thai sweets are very thorough and colouring. Most of them include these five ingredients: coconut cream, coconut meat, rice flour, palm sugar and eggs.

Let´s go over some of the most popular Thai sweets:

Khanom Tarn. These are small little cakes made from palm heart. They are steamed in palm branches. Among its ingredients we find: rice flour, sugar cane, coconut milk and pumpkin juice, which gives the recipe its special flavour.

Kluai Buat Chi. Also known as banana in coconut milk, it consists of bananas cooked in coconut milk. This is a very simple and delicious recipe. Thai people consider bananas a delicacy, and they usually cook it in multiple ways.

Khanom Ba Bin. This is a Thai-style coconut pancake. It is one of Thai people´s favourite desserts. It is made with rice flour, grated coconut, egg, water and lots of sugar. It is cooked in a round mould on a hot griddle to give it a perfect size and shape.

Bua Loi Phuak. They are a taro and flour mix together to form a small ball, cooked in coconut cream. It also can be serve with egg over easy, poach only.

At the 5 stars resort in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we hope the Three Wise Men are generous with you. See you soon at our Asian paradise in the Mediterranean?