Most important flowers in India

As good nature lovers, today from the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are travelling to India to discover its most representative flowers. Are you coming?

Flowers play a very important role in Hindu traditions. We can see them on women´s hair accessories, in mandalas decoration and making, in offerings and weddings, where they symbolize an explosion of colour and life.

Which are the most characteristic flowers of India?

Lotus flower. It is the National Flower of India. This is a sacred flower, which symbolizes beauty, fertility, purity, wealth and wisdom. It is related to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and beauty. We can find this flower on ornaments or important sculptures, as well as at the entrance of Hindu houses to attract good luck.

White jasmine. It has a great social importance; it is the symbol of traditional weddings in South India. It is also used on ballerinas´ s hair accessories. It is popular for its elegance and delicate fragrance.

Calendula. This flower is famous due to its varied and showy colours, from yellow to purple ones. Just as the white jasmine, calendulas take part in traditional weddings, and they are also used for the making of mandalas.

Gerberas, orchids and roses also play a very important role in Hindu weddings decorations and other ceremonies. Although, they are not as common as the other flowers, so they are more difficult to get for Hindu families.

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