Hindu makeup

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are dolling ourselves up to talk about Hindu women makeup and her beauty tips.

The features that would define Hindu makeup are: intensity, mystery, simplicity, romanticism and sensuality.

Attention is focused on women´s look, by using very flashy colours. Gold and beige tones are mixed with other stronger colours such as maroon ones, green ones, yellow ones, purple ones and blue ones. Hindu women highlight their look with a smoked-eye effect, using darker eye shadows and a Kohl pencil, which lets delineating the eye on the inside and on the outside.

Then we will focus on the face and the lips. For making up their faces, Hindu women use cream concealers and liquid foundations, according to their skin tone. They use them to hide skin imperfections such as zits, face stains or black dots. Additionally, they slightly apply blush on their cheeks.

When it comes to their lips, they delineate then with a darker tone than the lip. This is always a brown or cherry tone.

The final touch is given by the bindi, which symbolizes the hidden wisdom.

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