El Nido

We still have many summer days left at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa to keep discovering new Asian spots. Today we are heading to Philippines to visit the amazing El Nido area.

El Nido is the main tourist attraction of Palawan. It is the largest marine sanctuary in the Philippines and one of the Filipino places with a higher biodiversity. Its name comes from the more than 100 species of birds its mountains are home to.

It is a managed resource protected area, which is composed of 45 islands and islets, covering an area of 903 square kilometres. It is made up by huge limestone cliffs. Many travellers considered this place as “the most beautiful spot in the world”. El Nido is popular for its varied nature, its wonderful landscapes and its different ecosystems.

Besides, under its waters we can find exotic fish and up to five endangered species of marine tortoises. Swimming here is an experience hard to forget.

Its crystalline water beaches and the possibility of watching and enjoying unimaginable sunsets are making El Nido a very popular vacaction destination. The best time of the year to visit this paradise is during dry season, between November and May.

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