As you must already know if you read our post about the Asia Gardens fragrances, in our luxury hotel in Alicante we look after every last detail and we consider our scent essential, that is the reason why we are about to tell you the secrets behind incense and its origin, a topic we feel very passionately about.

The term incense comes from the Latin word “incensum” and it means to brighten or enlighten. Did you know that it dates back thousands of years? It is also believed to have magical properties…

It all started when humans learnt to light fires and realised that some types of wood, resin and herbs let out a pleasant fragrance when being burnt. “It’s a God’s thing”.

The use of incense goes back to biblical times and it could have started in Egypt, where they imported aromatic trees from Arabia to use them in religious rites.

Ancient Egyptians prepared Kifi, a type of incense they believed had magical properties and supposedly provided wellbeing and a peaceful sensation as well as happy dreams to those who inhaled it. Perfumes and incenses played a very significant part in their lives and a large number of medical therapies used them.

Aware of it or not, human beings have always wanted to enhance their own appearance and their surroundings using pleasant scents.

The scent of incense denotes harmony and peace, its soft fragrance is absorbed by the skin and this has a strong influence in our aura, invisibly and subtly. Incense helps us cross barriers, it opens our minds, brings harmony to our homes, it’s revitalizing and it creates a clean and warm atmosphere.

Its worth is so high that one of the 10 most expensive perfumes in the world is made with incense and myrrh. It’s called,“Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes”, by Baccarat, known as one of the most prestigious brands of pure glass.

In our luxury hotel in Alicante, we are very keen on this valuable scent and we have made it one of the essential elements of our fragrances that we mentioned earlier….

Now that we know more about incense, we would like to share the ten virtues of “koh” with you, a list of benefits derived from incense. This list has been passed on generation after generation, unchanged, since the 15th Century (Muromachi period), it was gathered by a Zen monk from the 16th Century.

In our luxury hotel, Asia Gardens, we look forward to welcoming you so you can share all these magical benefits with us. Guaranteed relaxation and wellbeing.

We are waiting for you..