Today, in our blog, we would like to take a few minutes to transport you to our luxury resort, Asia Gardens, through your sense of smell…

There is no exact formula to create a perfume, its importance lies in how its limitless variants can have a powerful effect on our senses. Making a perfume does not only consist of mixing several scents, but it must also include sensitivity and good taste in order to provide each area with the appropriate fragrance.

In Asia Gardens we consider this a true form of art and we have found our own fragrance, after a long an interesting search, the scent of Asia in the Mediterranean. Our fragrance is unique and as soon as you come in contact with it, it brings you right to the furthest majestic corners of Asia.

In Pharaonic Egypt, the trade of perfume-making was considered an art and it was only carried out by masters who managed to learn the secret of their delicate and thorough skills.

Without a doubt, the Arabs mastered the art of perfume-making. They used it to intoxicate their senses and get in contact with the universe. Incense, for instance, was a must in every Asian temple.

Fragrances remind us of different feelings and emotions. They can bring us to faraway places and also back in time, reminding us of our childhood, our experiences and can make us feel sad or happy.

At the Asia Gardens Hotel, we have created a scent that stimulates the connection between body and mind and transmits peace, harmony and a sense of luxury. The exquisite Asian personality of our 5-sstar resort becomes clear when you smell the fragrances of our fantastic perfume Asia Gardens Essence, which you will find upon arrival at the lobby of our hotel.

The essence of Asia Gardens consists of a delicate combination of the scents of incense, athlantone, caryophyllene, cedrol and cadinene. Our best kept secret lies in the measurements used.

Did you know that how much we reject a place and how it appeals to us is closely linked to its scent?

This can perhaps be one of the reasons why those who visit us always come back…

Feel like joining us? We are waiting for you…