We love relaxation and wellbeing at Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, and beauty, a subjective and volatile luxury which is part of us and can be found in the small things we all like.

Today, we are going to talk about the beauty of Thai Traditional Dance, a type of art which is beautiful by nature.

Thailand is a culturally rich place, full of artistic displays and performing arts. One of the most stunning forms of expression that can be seen in this Asian country is its traditional dance.

Nowadays, there are different types of Traditional Thai Dance, there are dances that are more than 400 years old that have barely changed over time, and there are other types of dances that have been more influenced by other cultures.

This is a popular type of art, danced at parties and weddings, a graceful and expressive dance associated with Thai traditions, religion, social activities and popular beliefs. The delicate movements of the dancers, their hairdos, and their outfits stand out as they are attractive, ornamented and colourful.

This is a way to express feelings, a dance in which the posture of the performers is key.

Thai dancers stand straight from neck to hip and move up and down using only their knees as they follow the rhythm of the music. Their arms and hands are held in curvatures at different levels, but not like in ballet. The beauty of the dancers depends on how these curves and angles are held in relation to the proportion of their bodies.
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