Today, we are going to go for a stroll around a garden similar to the one at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, the Kawachi Fuji Gardens, to be captivated by its flower waterfalls and the tunnel shape they make.

This place is in Kitakyushu, in Japan, and it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth according to those who visit it. This garden makes you feel as if you had jumped right in to an impressionist-style painting.

The main flower in this garden is part of the glicinia japonesa (Wisteria), a famous endemic plant used around the world to create a romantic kind of garden.

In this garden in particular, there are around 150 wisteria plants of a wide range of shapes and colours, bringing a bright display of colours that go from white, to blue, purple, pink and lilac.

A wide range that surrounds the tunnel and supported together to make what could easily be the most beautiful flower tunnel in the world. There are thousands of almost one-metre-tall flowers there. Every spring thousands of visitors are drawn to such an amazing sight.

If you really like this landscape, you will be able to enjoy all the flowers we have at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, flowers which we have brought especially from Asia. Come to enjoy Asia at our luxury resort in the Mediterranean.