There are places that make us feel as if we were in a different dimension, far-away lands, far-away worlds… At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we always try to bring you closer to Asia to help you live an incomparable experience with your family.

However, today we are bringing you to a place which seems more dreamlike than real, the Zhangye Danxia Chinese Geological Park, where nature itself has created a spectacular place over time.

These impressive colour mountains are in the Gansu province a landscape that goes on for 300 square kilometres and seems taken out of a world of fantasy.

There is a scientific explanation for this landscape, the tectonic movements of the earth. The erosion caused by the climate in time is the main reason for the interesting shapes and colours we can see there.

The term “danxia” is the name given in China to certain landscapes where there is an important presence of layers of continental sedimentary rocks of mainly reddish shades.

Because of its exceptional values, scientific and aesthetically, these landscapes became part of the Humanity Heritage of UNESCO in 2010.

At the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa you will also see the red shades in our buildings, but without a doubt, the most attractive feature of our luxury resort is the attention to detail we offer and our wide range of services which will make your stay a pleasant and relaxing one.