Chinese paper cutting

One more week, at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, we keep travelling around the Asian continent to discover all the secrets it hides. Today we are going to China to find out more about Chinese paper cutting. Are you joining us?

Chinese paper cutting is one of the most important traditional Chinese popular arts. Throughout the centuries, paper cut has been associated with good luck, and nowadays it´s used in Chinese parties and celebrations.

Originally, Chinese women decorated their hair with gold and silver ornaments made of papercuts to attract good luck and men used them to attract good luck in sacred ceremonies.

We have to date back to the sixth century to talk about its origin, although it didn´t become popular in China until the period between the seventh and thirteenth centuries, during Chinese festivals; and in the fourteenth century worldwide.

Designs include a large range of themes. The most represented ones are the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, for holidays; deities, for New Year´s Eve; Chinese symbols related to good luck, happiness and health; flowers, birds, dragons, fishes and insects.

Other range of special designs are still meaningful currently at festivals and holidays. For example, on the lunar New Year, “Fu” symbol is pasted backwards on the door in order to attract good luck. At a wedding, a large red paper with “Xi” symbol is shown to symbolize happiness.

Red is the most used colour for Chinese paper cutting. It is the most popular colour for Chinese culture. It is directly related to life, vitality and prosperity.

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