Sri Lankan food

At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we never get tired of keep discovering the varied Asian gastronomy. That is why today we are travelling to Sri Lanka to try its most popular dishes. Are you coming?

Sri Lankan food, known for the flavour of its spices, is one of the richest cuisines of the Asian continent. Among its staples we can find rice and vegetables. They are served in different ways: without any accompaniment, with coconut milk, seasoned with all types of spices or with any other ingredient.

Let´s go over some of the most traditional Sri Lankan dishes:

Kottu. This is one of the most famous Sri Lankan dishes. It is a mix of chopped vegetables (specially onion red pepper and green pepper), mince or chicken and spices (curry, pepper, ginger and chilli). It is served with roti, thin bread very similar to pita bread.

Biryani. This recipe is prepared with Basmati rice, different spices, chicken or meat, vegetables and yogurt. There are many recipes of biryani, based on the country or the costumes of that area.

Chicken curry. One of the dishes that we find in practically any restaurant in Sri Lanka is chicken with curry sauce. It is usually served with abundant stewed rice, which combines perfectly with the flavour of the curry sauce.

Pol Sambol. It is one of the indispensable accompaniments in any Sri Lankan meal. This is a mix of fresh grated coconut, shallot, onions, chilli, lime and pepper. It is usually served with rice, curry and roti.

Kokis. This is a traditional Sri Lankan sweet. It is made from rice flour and coconut milk. It is an important dish when celebrating New Year’s Eve.

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