Kinro Kansha no Hi

Today from the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, we are travelling to Japan to commemorate its famous Kinro Kansha no hi. Are you coming?

Kinro Kansha no Hi, known worldwide as Labour Thanksgiving Day, is a national holiday in Japan, which takes place annually on November 23. This day commemorates labour. Japanese people express gratitude for having a job or an activity that lets them support their families and help each other. It is an occasion for thinking about human rights, labour rights and environment.

Its origin dates back to an ancient ritual called Niinamesai or Harvest Festival. It celebrated the year´s hard work; Japanese people thanked the harvest and the emperor dedicated it to spirits. The current holiday was set in 1948, after World War II to celebrate the changes of the Constitution of Japan, including fundamental human rights and the expansion of workers rights.

During Kinro Kansha no hi many fun and cultural activities are held. Japanese people enjoy them with their close friends and family. Nursery school kids give drawings related to this holiday to local police officers. It is very popular Nagano Labour Festival, which encourages thinking about environment, peace and human rights.

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