Japanese noodles

At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we still have many things left to discover about Asian food. Today we are taking you to Japan to find out everything about the main types of Japanese noodles. Have you tried them all?

Soba. These brownish-grey noodles are used for recipes as Yakisoba. They are made from buckwheat and wheat flour, although there is a variety made just from buckwheat (towari soba), and another type of soba noodles which includes Matcha tea (cha soba).

Ramen. These are the most famous worldwide Japanese noodles. They are made from wheat flour, salt, water and a form of alkaline water called kansui; which lends the yellow colour to the noodles, as well as its characteristic elasticity.

Udon. These are the thickest noodles served in Japanese cuisine. They are made from wheat flour and water. They look like spaghetti but their texture is tenderer. They are served both hot and cold.

Shirataki. These are one of the traditional Japanese noodles. They are gluten-free and also have no carbohydrates. They have become one of the essentials in many diets.

Tokoroten. They are jelly-like slices of Agar. They are mainly used for preparing salads. This is a low-calorie food; these noodles contain a high amount of water, and also a high-fibre food.

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