Philippine flowers

Today at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we enjoy to the fullest spring by travelling to the Philippines to discover its most beautiful flowers. Are you joining us?

We found a large number of tropical flowers and plants around the Philippines. Many of them have been used to make perfume, tea and natural remedies around the world. Let´s go though the most important ones:

Sampaguita. It is the national flower of Philippines. This tropical flower is considered one of the most beautiful ones in Asia. It is appreciated for its white colour and its small size, as well as its sweet aroma; it is used to make exquisite perfume. Although it only lasts one day, it is used as a religious and special events ornament. It is a symbol of purity, devotion and fidelity.

Ylang-Ylang. This flower whose Filipino translation is “flower of flowers”, is considered the queen of the perfumes. It is one of the components of Chanel Nº 5, the most famous perfume in the world. Ylang-Ylang flowers are made into garlands and sold on the streets of Philippines. They are used to getting rid of evil spirits.

Everlasting flower. Also known as paper daisy or straw flower, is a famous bloom associated with Baguio City. Just as other flowers, it is usual seeing everlasting flower garlands all over the streets. Due to its long life, it is usually used to adorn altars.

If you are also an Asian flowers and plants lover, during your visit to the luxury resort Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa you will love discovering the more than 150,000 shrubs that have been planted in our Asian paradise´s tropical gardens.