Bunka no Hi

As you already know, at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we love discovering the hidden details of Asian culture, and furthermore its celebrations. That´s why today we are taking you to Japan to celebrate its famous Bunka no Hi.

Culture Day, also known as Bunka no Hi, is a national holiday held annually in Japan on November 3 for the purpose of promoting culture, the arts, and academic environment. It was first held in 1948, to commemorate the announcement of the post-war Japanese constitution on November 3, 1946. This festivity replaced Tenchō-setsu, a holiday held in honour of the birthday of Emperor Meiji.

As Bunka no Hi´s main purpose is promoting arts and several fields of academic activity, local and prefectural governments pick this day to celebrate art exhibitions, cultural festivities and parades.

Every year, the prestigious Order of Culture, presided by the Japanese Emperor, rewards those who have contributed to Japanese science, art and culture over the past year. The awards are not restricted to Japanese citizens; the competition is open for everyone and besides receiving the prize, the winner also receives a lifelong pension.

During Bunka no Hi, different types of events are held to spread the Japanese culture to everyone. Schools, high schools and universities have exhibitions and activities on what they called bunkasai or “cultural festivity”.

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