Chinese sweets

As you already know, at the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we are Asian food lovers. And if there is something we can´t resist to those are Asian sweets. That is why today we are travelling to China to discover the main traditional Chinese desserts. Are you coming?

There are many different Chinese sweets. They vary depending on the region; each region has a different method of cooking. Let´s go over some of the most famous Chinese desserts and sweets:

Chinese fried ice cream. This is a colder than usual scoop of ice cream, which is coated in batter and covered with grinded cookies or corn flakes, and then fried. It is usually served with different ingredients: cinnamon, glass sugar, honey, vanilla or syrup.

Dragon´s beard candy. It is a traditional Chinese sweet. It is made of many thin threads that look similar to a dragon´s beard. It can be found stuffed with nuts or as an accompaniment of cakes or other sweets.

Mooncake. This is a Chinese cake traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is stuffed with lotus seed paste, sugar and lard. It sometimes contains yolks from salted duck eggs. It is usually eaten accompanied by Chinese tea.

Nian Gao. Also known as Chinese New Year Cake or sticky rice cake, it is prepared from glutinous rice and eaten, as it name says, during Chinese New Year´s celebrations.

Pineapple buns. This is one of Hong Kong´s most popular desserts. Although it is known as pineapple bun, the traditional recipe contains no pineapple. Its name comes from the shape and colour it gets once it has been baked. It is usually stuffed with butter or custard.

If you are also an Asian food lover, during your visit to the 5 stars resort Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa you have a mandatory stop at the hotel´s Asian restaurant par excellence: Koh Samui. Enjoying the blend of the most select Oriental cuisine immersed in the tropical jungle is a luxury you can´t miss. Are you joining us?