Valentine´s Day in Asia

Today, February 14, it is a very special day for all those who are in love and for those who want to show their love to their loved ones. At the luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we want you to enjoy this day going all over the Asian continent to find out how other countries celebrate this significant date.

In Japan, on February 14 women give chocolate to their partners, friends or co-workers. Men give the present back one month later, on March 14, on White Day. There is another tradition couples do during this day. They visit Mount Fuji to ring the “Love Bell” three times while saying their partner´s name. They believe this practice will bring long-lasting love.

In South Korea, women are also the ones in charged of surprised their men with chocolates. Just as Japan, men will show their gratitude for their gift on March 14 giving them sweets.

In Thailand, many people marry on Valentine´s Day. There is a popular costume based on getting married in a coffin. This ceremony is held by Buddhist monks. Thai people believe this marriage attracts true love, prosperity and the protection of lovers against any damage.

In China, this date is known as “Qixi”. Glow-worms symbolize love for Chinese people, becoming the favourite present between couples. Knitting is one of the most practiced activities between single women. They even participate in sewing competitions. These traditions come from a very famous Chinese legend.

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